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Tax Compliance Training  (back)
Training Location: Weeks Hall for Geological Sciences, Room AB20
1215 West Dayton Street

Accounting Services will be conducting a Tax Compliance Training Session for UW-Madison. This session is intended for all levels of UW employees who deal with making payments to U.S. Persons and/or Nonresident Aliens (NRA). We will also address other tax compliance issues including sales and use tax, Unrelated Business Income Tax, etc. See outline below. The intention of this session is to make sure participants (1) know the tax compliance issues that will impact them in performing their job responsibilities, (2) know resource are available for tax compliance issues, and (3) know where to ask questions relating to tax compliance issues. We will be discussing all issues in Policy and Procedure: 601-Tax Compliance, Reporting, and Withholding on Non-Salary Payments. The topics that will be covered in the training session:

? Tax documentation requirements for payments to U.S. residents. This includes requirements for W-9’s, tax withholding, backup withholding, IRS reporting, etc.)
? Tax documentation requirements for payments to Nonresident Aliens (NRA). This includes requirements for ITIN’s, IRS forms (W-8BEN, 8233, etc.), tax withholding and tax treaties, IRS reporting, etc. Also includes visa issues and restrictions.
? Authorized payment methods for tax reportable payments (services, royalties, prizes and award, etc.).
? Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITIN)

? Tax reporting requirements and documentation (Federal, State, local)

? Tax reporting for U.S. residents and Nonresident Aliens payments (Honorariums, Royalties, Research Subject Payments, Scholarships/Fellowships, etc.)

? Calendar year-end tax reporting on IRS forms 1099-MISC and 1042-S

? State Sales Tax Issues and reporting

? State Entertainer Tax Issues, forms (WT-11, etc.), and reporting

? Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT) Issues and reporting

? Employee payment mechanisms

? Tax reporting of payments to or on behalf of employees (1) non-overnight meals, (2) relocation/moving expenses, (3) Graduate and Undergraduate Educational Assistance for employees, (4) Non-Accountable Plan payments

? UW Exemption issues (UW W-9, Where is the UW exempt from Sales and Use Taxes, Etc.)

? Scholarship payment mechanism
Contact Info:
Jose Carus (jose.carus@wisc.edu)
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