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Health Sciences IRBs: Introduction to New Consent Form Templates  (back)
The Health Sciences IRBs Office is excited to announce that newly developed Informed Consent Templates and Additional Model Language are now available for use in new research studies. This session will provide an overview of the new materials, including when and how researchers submitting to the HS IRBs can use the documents.

During the session we will review new:

1) Informed consent templates meant to help create consent forms that not only comply with regulatory and institutional requirements, but are briefer and easier to read. Detailed instructions combined with model language and revisable content allow researchers to focus on study-specific content.

2) Additional model language that updates and expands on the HS IRBs’ Additional Required Language KB page. The new KB page provides guidance and model language for situations common in studies reviewed by the HS IRBs, such as sharing data, banking samples, Certificates of Confidentiality, and commercial products language.

3) Restructured Informed Consent KB pages that are easier to navigate, consolidate information related to informed consent, and add streamlined descriptions of the many processes for obtaining informed consent available to researchers.

Time will also be left at the end to answer questions.
Contact Info:
Jacob Rome (jarome@medicine.wisc.edu)
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