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Introduction to Plain Language  (back)
Have you ever wanted to get your message across faster? Have you wanted to feel more confident that you were understood correctly –the first time? Using “Plain Language” strategies may be the answer! Effective communication is vital in all aspects of our personal and professional lives. This interactive workshop will introduce you to strategies ranging from wordchoice and font selection to “teach-back” and grammar tweaks. Develop a toolkit of techniques to communicate more smoothly in conversation and writing with both native and nonnative English-speaking colleagues. Come learn how people across campus—and across the globe—rely on plain language strategies to save time, money, work, and frustration by promoting better understanding and customer satisfaction. *You can attend this workshop as a stand-alone training.

* Introduction to Plain Language is the first step in a three-part series to earn the Plain Language Certificate. You must complete it before you can register for the certificate workshop, Write with Plain Language.
Contact Info:
Jennifer Sell (Jennifer.Sell@wisc.edu)
No upcoming events.

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