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Working Better Together: Everything DiSC Workplace   (back)
Our work environments consist of endless individual differences in behaviors, inclinations, and preferences. Understanding these differences can positively shape how we work together and help leverage our differences to improve communication, build stronger relationships, and ultimately work more effectively.

Prior to the workshop, you will be invited to complete the online assessment tool to create greater awareness of your own DiSC style. Then, through active participation in the workshop, you will gain deeper understanding of yourself and others to improve work relationships and enhance the success of your work with teams.

Through participation in the workshop you will:
• Gain a deeper understanding of your own DiSC style
• Increase awareness of your natural reactions to others who have different DiSC styles
• Build capacity to adapt to differing DiSC styles
• Explore behavioral inclinations and hidden priorities of self and others that influence communication and collaborations

Registration and Cost:
• $55.00 covers the cost of the online Everything DiSC Workplace assessment
• Registration deadline for the workshop is 11 business days prior to scheduled workshop
Working Better Together: Everything DiSC Workplace1/31/20199:00 AM12:00 PM21 North Park Street, Room 5045 1/17/201925YES

Charges are on a per event basis.

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