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Everything You Wanted to Know about Memory but Forgot to Ask  (back)
Register for Dr. Herz’s Everything You Wanted to Know about Memory but Forgot to Ask session to learn how to help you or someone you know who may have concerns about their memory.
Learn how to memorize your shopping list, your to-do list, most anything you want, AND have it handy when you need it (only app necessary is your brain). The interactive session will also address the following:
• Is my forgetfulness normal or a sign of something else?
• How can I keep my memory as healthy as possible?
• What works, what doesn't?

Dr. Gordon Herz is a psychologist in full time independent practice in Madison. He specializes in neuropsychology, health, and rehabilitation psychology. Before entering private practice, he was Director of Neuropsychology Services in the rehabilitation medicine department in one of Madison’s hospitals, and he maintains allied health privileges at two local hospitals. Dr. Herz has provided seminars, taught, and supervised doctoral UW students, on campus and in his practice setting. His practice focuses on working with adults with health conditions in which psychological factors play an important role, including brain-related conditions. Dr. Herz likes to emphasize “normal” and “positive” psychological variables in coping with health and cognitive conditions. He has taught on optimistic thinking, maintaining and promoting brain and mental health, and improving real-world memory functioning.
Contact Info:
Leigh Baker (leigh.baker@wisc.edu)
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