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Teaching Inclusively and Equitably – 4 Part Series  (back)
The workshops are in series, and participation in all four is recommended.

Faculty and instructional staff strive to create diverse, equitable and inclusive learning environments because of the positive impacts on students’ learning. Often, they do this without any training in how to effectively do so, beyond recreating what they experienced as students. They may grapple with questions like: As student demographics and backgrounds become more diverse, how do you make your content, activities, language you use, and classroom logistics inclusive for all students? And, as students interact with each-other more often through active learning, how do you respond to “hot moments” or “difficult discussions” in the classroom? Without training, knowing how to address these inequities effectively can be uncomfortable and challenging.

Join subject matter expert and instructor, Don Gillian-Daniel, Ph.D. (Collaborative for Advancing Learning and Teaching) as he shares current resources and strategies to create equitable and inclusive learning environments for all learners.

Learning Outcomes:
As a result of attending the four sessions, participants will:
• explore the perspectives of underrepresented and marginalized students on our campus,
• analyze their own and student identity and the impact that identity has on the learning environment,
• examine a range of inclusive teaching approaches and consider how to use them in their own teaching,
• discuss a framework for addressing hot moments and difficult discussions in the classroom, and practice what to say during these occasions, and
• consider how to be a leader and advocate for change.
Contact Info:
Tamie Klumpyan (tklumpyan@wisc.edu), Program Lead, Facilitator, Consultant in the Office of Talent Management - Learning & Talent Development
Intended Audience:
This workshop series is intended for faculty and instructional staff who want to create more inclusive and equitable learning environments for their students.

No upcoming events.

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