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Accessibility for Content Creators  (back)

Learn how to apply good content design practices to make your web content more accessible and usable for all users, including people with disabilities.

You use accessibility every day when navigating UW-Madison websites, turning your music on with Alexa's voice recognition, or accessing your bank app using just a few fingers. Help your users benefit from and do amazing things with your web content and resources.

What you will learn:

  • The difference between accessibility barriers and usability challenges.

  • How users with disabilities navigate web content.

  • How to design, test, and adjust your content for accessibility.

This will also be streamed live via the WiscWeb Youtube channel, and archived for future reference. If you plan to watch the stream, you do not need to register for the course.

Contact Info:
Matt Goins (matt.goins@wisc.edu)
Intended Audience:
UW-Madison website administrators and content managers interested in learning how to manage Google Analytics for their sites. Faculty, staff, graduate students, researchers, and principal investigators.
Instructor Info:
Sandi Arendalkowski (sandi.arendalkowski@wisc.edu)
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