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Lead Awareness  (back)
Required and very important instruction for employees whose work activities may contact lead. It provides general knowledge of the hazards associated with lead exposure and requirements to reduce or eliminate exposure. The content in this module is designed to comply with the intent of the applicable regulatory requirements. Learner objectives are to: identify sources of lead exposure, identify adverse health effects associated with lead exposure, specify the purpose and elements of the Medical Surveillance Program; Medical Removal Protection Program and specify controls included in work practices to reduce lead exposures.

Module Segments
1. Sign In and Introductions
2. Module Objectives
3. OSHA Regulations
4. What is Lead
5. Hazards of Lead
6. Stretch Break
7. Lead Hazard Analysis
8. Lead Hazard Controls
9. Knowledge Review
10. Closing Remark

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Kayla Ruplinger
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