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Computer Architecture 2020 Affiliates Meeting  (back)
The 2020 Meeting will be held virtually on October 8 and 9. Times and activities will be announced closer to the meeting dates.

We invite any company to participate in the Wisconsin Computer Architecture Affiliates program at the University of Wisconsin Computer Sciences Department. Its goal is to promote an exchange of ideas between us and our affiliates.

We are James R. Goodman (emeritus), Mark D. Hill, Mikko H. Lipasti, Joshua San Miguel, Karu Sankaralingam, Matt Sinclair, James E. Smith (emeritus), Gurindar S. Sohi, David A. Wood (emeritus), and our students. Collectively, the faculty has over 100 years of computer architecture experience, published more than 200 papers, and influenced the design of branch prediction (e.g., two-bit dynamic algorithm), caches (cold, capacity, and conflict misses, non-blocking caches), coherence (write-once and multicast snooping), decoupled superscalar architectures, distributed shared memory via hardware or software (Tempest), memory consistency models (processor consistency and data-race-free), out-of-order execution (reorder buffers), parallel simulation (Wisconsin Wind Tunnel), pipelines (optimal clocking), precise interrupts, synchronization (queue-on-lock-bit), value speculation. In addition to academic positions, our graduates have taken industrial positions at Convex, Cray Research, Hewlett-Packard/Compaq/DEC, IBM, Informix, Intel, Motorola, Oracle, Sequent, Silicon Graphics, and Sun Microsystems.

Since this year's meeting is virtual, unlike the usual dues, attendance will be $15 per person.
Contact Info:
Matthew Sinclair (msinclair@wisc.edu)
Intended Audience:
Non-UW employees
No upcoming events.

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