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Reframing Recruitment through a Racial Equity Lens  (back)
In this four-part series of workshops, participants will engage in conversation around why and how to center racial equity in recruitment and hiring practices. Participants will learn new strategies to remove unintentional barriers and improve access for candidates by reframing current recruiting and hiring practices through a racial equity lens.

The series will be held in person over 4 weeks. The workshop series is intentionally designed to build off content from the previous session. Participants are expected to attend all sessions, in sequence, to receive the full benefits.

Learning goals for each workshop are outlined below:

Part 1- Context, Racial Equity Guiding Principles and Building Talent Pipelines
1. Understand the value of operating from a recruitment mindset; including the difference between recruitment and hiring.
2. Identify principles of racial equity and how they can be used to assess and enhance equity in recruitment and hiring.
3. Identify current and future strategies to cultivate a diverse talent pipeline.

Part 2- Reframing Criteria and Search and Screen Committees and Applicant Reviews
1. Reframe criteria (the foundational element of hiring practices) for more equitable hiring outcomes.
2. Define and prioritize knowledge, skills and abilities needed for a position and articulate these as qualifications.
3. Co-create a search and screen committee informed by the criteria of the position and the needs of the recruitment which includes individuals and their role in the process.
4. Leverage your search and screen committee to increase diversity in applicant pools.

Part 3- Writing PVLs, Applicant Reviews, Active Recruitment and Interviewing.
1. Learn and practice strategies to write inclusive and equitable PVLs.
2. Develop intentional and equitable screening and evaluation tools that align with position criteria.
3. Identify strategies to enhance your specific recruitment strategies for open positions to diversify candidate pools.

Part 4- Discussion, Practice and Wrap-Up
1. Discuss, apply, and practice learning from previous workshops.
2. Engage in dialogue to explore challenges and opportunities with workshop attendees.

Please register here for all four sessions as an individual.
Contact Info:
Leanne Morris (leanne.morris@wisc.edu)
Intended Audience:
UW–Madison Employees
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