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Fully Prepared to Lead  (back)
Fully Prepared to Lead is a comprehensive, competency-based development program designed to help individuals master the knowledge, skills, and tools for effective leadership. Participation is free to UW-Madison employees and open to everyone--it is not limited to those in formal supervisory or management roles.

Contact Jessica Swenson, Contact Theresa Kim, Program Lead, Facilitator, Trainer in the Office of Talent Management - Learning & Talent Development, for questions or information related to Fully Prepared to Lead. Theresa's email is theresa.kim@wisc.edu.

Click on "Official Course Website" below for more information on the Fully Prepared to Lead Program.
Official Series Website
FP2L - 2020 Understanding Mission, Vision, and Strategy (Self-Study)    Online Course  YESNO
FP2L – 2020 Influencing Teams from Within (Self-Study)    Online Course  YESNO
FP2L - Effective and Engaging Meetings 3/10/20219:00 AM10:30 AMBlackboard Collaborate 3/8/202116YES
FP2L - Project Management Basics (Virtual) 3/11/20211:00 PM4:00 PMBlackboard CollaborateFull3/9/20210YES
FP2L - Coaching During Challenging Times (Virtual) 3/16/20219:00 AM11:00 AMBlackboard Collaborate 3/13/202137YES
FP2L - Personal Professional Development Planning (Self-Study) 3/22/20218:00 AM5:00 PMMaterials will be emailed to you or posted onlineFull3/9/20210YES
FP2L - One-on-One Communication: Beyond the Basics (Virtual) 3/23/20219:00 AM12:00 PMBlackboard Collaborate 3/19/20211YES
FP2L - Your Interpersonal Style (Virtual) 3/24/20211:00 PM3:00 PMBlackboard Collaborate 3/22/202140YES
FP2L - Personal Brand and Leadership Awareness (Classroom Session) 4/6/20211:00 PM3:00 PMBlackboard Collaborate 4/2/202115YES
FP2L - Understanding and Leading Change (Virtual) 4/7/20219:00 AM11:00 AMBlackboard Collaborate 4/5/202119YES
FP2L - Understanding Organizational Politics 4/21/20219:00 AM11:00 AMBlackboard CollaborateFull4/19/20210YES
FP2L - Time and Self-Management (Virtual) 4/22/20211:00 PM3:00 PMBlackboard Collaborate 4/20/20214YES
FP2L - Understanding and Influencing Team Dynamics for Peak Performance (Virtual) 4/27/20219:00 AM10:30 AMBlackboard Collaborate 4/23/20212YES
FP2L - Modes of Conflict Management (Virtual) 5/11/20219:00 AM11:30 AMBlackboard Collaborate 5/8/202134YES
FP2L - Presentation Skills for Leaders (Coaching Session) 5/12/20211:00 PM3:00 PMBlackboard Collaborate 5/10/202141YES
FP2L - Giving and Receiving Constructive Feedback 5/18/20219:00 AM12:00 PMBlackboard Collaborate 5/15/202132YES
FP2L - Effective and Engaging Meetings 5/20/20219:00 AM10:30 AMBlackboard Collaborate 5/18/202141YES
FP2L - Personal Professional Development Planning (Self-Study) 5/24/20218:00 AM5:00 PMMaterials will be emailed to you or posted online 5/21/202138YES
FP2L - Project Management Basics (Virtual) 5/25/20211:00 PM4:00 PMBlackboard Collaborate 5/22/202133YES
FP2L - One-on-One Communication: Beyond the Basics (Virtual) 5/27/20211:00 PM4:00 PMBlackboard Collaborate 5/25/202141YES
FP2L - Coaching During Challenging Times (Virtual) 6/2/20219:00 AM11:00 AMBlackboard Collaborate 5/31/202141YES
FP2L - Your Interpersonal Style (Virtual) 6/3/20219:00 AM11:00 AMBlackboard Collaborate 6/1/202141YES
FP2L - Personal Resilience and Accountability (Virtual) 6/16/20211:00 PM2:30 PMBlackboard Collaborate 6/14/202138YES

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