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OTM Catalog

Managers and Supervisors  (back)
Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity    Online Course 7/8/2021YESNO
Creating a Healthy, Inclusive, and Engaging Work Environment at the University of Wisconsin-Madison    Online Course 7/8/2021YESNO
Disability Accommodation    Online Course 7/8/2021YESNO
Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)    Online Course 7/8/2021YESNO
Human Resources Corrective Disciplinary Action    Online Course 7/8/2021YESNO
LifeMatters: Supervisor Orientation    Online Course  YESNO
Risk Management    Online Course 7/8/2021YESNO
Safety Fundamentals    Online Course 7/8/2021YESNO
Worker's Compensation    Online Course 7/8/2021YESNO
Engaging in Tough Conversations 6/17/20218:30 AM10:00 AMOnline 6/16/202129YES
Reentry for Leaders (presented by LifeMatters) 6/18/202110:00 AM11:30 AMOnline 6/17/202120YES
Crash Course in Managing a Hybrid Team 6/24/20219:00 AM10:30 AMOnlineFull6/23/20210YES
Crash Course in Managing a Hybrid Team 7/1/20219:00 AM10:30 AMOnline 6/30/202122YES
Engaging in Tough Conversations 7/6/20212:00 PM3:30 PMOnline 7/5/202137YES
Reentry for Leaders (presented by LifeMatters) 7/7/202110:00 AM11:30 AMOnline 7/6/202136YES
PSM: Beginning Your Supervisory Journey: Building a Healthy, Inclusive, Engaging Work Environment 7/8/20218:00 AM12:00 PMOnline 7/8/202115YES
Identify and resolve key problems 7/13/20211:00 PM3:30 PMBlackboard Collaborate 7/13/202132YES
Crash Course in Managing a Hybrid Team 7/14/20211:00 PM2:30 PMOnline 7/13/202128YES
PSM: Self-Knowledge to Influence Inclusion in the Work Environment 7/15/20218:00 AM12:00 PMOnline 7/8/202116YES
Engaging in Tough Conversations 7/20/20219:00 AM10:30 AMOnline 7/19/202146YES
PSM: Building an Inclusive Workplace 7/22/20218:00 AM12:00 PMOnline 7/8/202114YES
Reentry for Leaders (presented by LifeMatters) 7/26/20213:00 PM4:30 PMOnline 7/25/202141YES
Crash Course in Managing a Hybrid Team 7/27/202110:00 AM11:30 AMOnline 7/26/202138YES
PSM: Managing Employee Transitions for Team Success 7/29/20218:00 AM12:00 PMOnline 7/8/202115YES
Reentry for Leaders (presented by LifeMatters) 7/29/20211:00 PM2:30 PMOnline 7/28/202150YES
PSM: Recruiting for High Quality Talent 8/5/20218:00 AM12:00 PMOnline 7/8/202115YES
Group Management Consultation with LifeMatters 8/5/20218:30 AM9:30 AMOnline directions for log on will be emailed to all registrants 8/3/202126YES
PSM: Onboarding for Employee Success 8/12/20218:00 AM12:00 PMOnline 7/8/202116YES
PSM: Conflict Management for a Healthy, Inclusive, and Engaging Environment 8/19/20218:00 AM12:00 PMOnline 7/8/202114YES
PSM: Common Scenarios when Creating a Healthy, Inclusive and Engaging Work Environment 8/26/20218:00 AM12:00 PMOnline 7/8/202116YES
PSM: Performance Conversations for Employee Development 9/2/20218:00 AM12:00 PMOnline 7/8/202115YES
PSM: Creating and Sustaining High Performing Teams 9/9/20218:00 AM12:00 PMOnline 7/8/202114YES
PSM: Moving Forward in Creating a Healthy, Inclusive, and Engaging Environment 9/16/20218:00 AM12:00 PMOnline 7/8/202114YES

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