Acronyms Related To Hiring Process at UW-Madison

Affirmative Action Data Questionnaire is a request for demographic data requested of all applicants. See

Affirmative Action Review Form completed by hiring unit for faculty, limited or academic staff hires if, 1) underutilization exists in the position or job group being filled, and 2) an underutilized protected group members was not recommended. Original completed form sent to Dean’s/Directors office. For Faculty positions, Dean’s signature is also required. See /polproced/srchbk/appnd/pvlpkt/aarffirm.pdf***********

The Academic Personnel Office is responsible for providing human resource services for Faculty, Academic Staff, Limited Appointees, Graduate Assistants, and Student Hourly Employees. Is a unit within OHR. See

The Classified Personnel Office serves UW-Madison in thedevelopment, implementation and evaluation of a comprehensive human resources and employment relations programfor the classified civil service employees of the University. Is a unit within OHR. See

Division Personnel Representatives are the crucial link between hiring units and the University’s Classified Personnel Office. All hiring processes should begin with your local Personnel Representative. See

The Equity and Diversity Resource Center is a resource for search committees and all groups concerned with creating a diverse hiring pool and supporting a more diverse work place. See

The Office of Human Resources exists to serve faculty and staff in the development, implementation and evaluation of a comprehensive personnel, training and employment relations system. Through consultation and information dissemination, OHR assists the University of Wisconsin-Madison to anticipate and meet the human resources demands of a changing educational environment. See

A Request for Authorization to Recruit must be submitted to the Board of Regents when proposed salary range exceeds $224,250 (75% of President's current salary), or when initiating recruitment for a Provost/Vice Chancellor/Dean. (The Academic Personnel Office must receive this form no later than three weeks before the date of the next Regent's meeting.) See

The Recruitment Efforts Plan form should be completed and submitted with the PVL for all new faculty positions and academic staff at the salary figure of Range 8 minimum or above. The Equity and Diversity Resource Center will review the proposed recruitment efforts to ensure compliance with Federal and State AA/EEO policies and regulations. If necessary, suggestions will be made regarding additional strategies that might result in an increase in the number of qualified protected group applicants. See

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