Process Takes Too Long

A minimum amount of time is required for an academic staff search. (See However, it is within the control of the hiring unit to take steps early in the process to ensure speedy action as soon as the posting period is over.
In particular:

1. Block out days on the calendars of all search committee members for interviews at the start of the search. Waiting till the end of the posting period to schedule interview days will make it difficult to find open dates, virtually guaranteeing a longer process.

2. Create a Time Line

3. Begin screening candidates as soon as applications begin coming in. See Sample Application Scoring Matrix

3. Create all form letters that will be sent to candidates, both successful and unsuccessful and create the forms to keep track of applications. See Sample Applicant Status Matrix

4. Create informational packets to send to all candidates who will be interviewed. See informational items the School of Education sends candidates.

5. Determine who will make calls to candidates to be interviewed and who will make the logistical and hospitality arrangements so that these individuals can keep their calendars are as open as possible at the conclusion of the screening process.

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