An Active Interview

When the Office of Quality Improvement (OQI) was filling a consultant position, the office posed two questions:

  1. What skills, knowledge, and experience does a consultant need for success?
  2. What questions and activities during the interview would indicate that the consultant possesses these skills, knowledge and experience?

The first question was answered in the design of the PVL and advertisement.  To answer the second question, OQI designed a set of experiences that would enable candidates to demonstrate their knowledge, experience and skills in the interview.

Candidates were asked via letter to:

  1. Present a 5-10 minute overview of the role of the facilitator in process improvement followed by a discussion with the audience.
  2. Respond to two example scenarios, one in the interview and one in writing using a computer (Scenarios were provided at the interview.)
  3. Participate in face-to-face interviews with OQI Director and Sr. Consultant and also with OQI clients, and members of the campus facilitator pool following the presentation.

The presentation on the role of the facilitator was presented to OQI staff, clients, and facilitator pool members as was the RO scenario. The written scenario which was completed via computer was evaluated by Director and Sr. Consultant. Interviewers’ responses to each candidate were recorded on a Sample Interview Evaluation.

Each interview lasted three hours. [See schedule.] Sufficient information had been collected from the first round of interviews that second interviews were not required.

Improving the Interview and Selection Process for Academic Staff Hiring is a compilation of all the documents discussed above.

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