Communication With Candidates

“Every search committee leaves in its wake literally hundreds of candidates whose impression of [the institution] will be largely based on the courtesy, timeliness and professionalism of our communications.” 

E. Gordon Gee, Chancellor, Vanderbilt University
(Turner, 2002)

To ensure courteous and timely communications with candidates:

1. Before the PVL is posted, identify an administrative support staff member who can ensure that the process runs smoothly. This person will be responsible for 

Ensure that the individual has adequate time and resources to devote to the task. 

2. Before the PVL is posted, identify who will answer candidates’ questions about the position. (This is to ensure consistency and reliability of information.) Plan on getting questions from those not selected.

3. Begin evaluating applications as they come in. Those who clearly do not meet the requirements for the position can be notified immediately. Sample Application Scoring Matrix.

4. Everyone who applies for an academic position within the University should receive acknowledgement. This is required by the Academic Personnel Office and is also a courtesy and model practice in recognition of the fact that a job search is stressful. See sample letters.


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