Logistics for Interviews

Consider these elements:

1. Clarity as to whether candidate’s expenses will be reimbursed and/or whether direct billing will be used.

2. Airline tickets?

3. Hotel reservations? (state rates.)

4. Transportation between airport, hotel and campus?

5. Campus Parking?

6. Individual and group meals and hospitality?

7. Who will greet the candidate?

8. How do we ensure that candidates don’t “run into each other” ?

9. Tour of the department, office, campus?

10. Refreshments for candidates and committees?

11. What printed information do we wish to furnish regarding the campus, city, state?

12. What do we need to tell the candidate about the interview activities, schedule, settings, types of presentations required?

13. Providing all members of the interview team(s) or search committee with pertinent information about the candidates, rating forms, and interview schedule

14. Room reservations for interviews including AV rquipment, flip charts, etc. needed for candidate presentations.

15. Consulting the Equity and Diversity Resource Center for advice regarding visits to campus by candidates with disabilities.

See also The School of Education Checklist for Candidate Interviews

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