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OTM Surveys
New Events for OHR/LTD Registration System
Survey runs from 12/31/2018 to 12/31/2032
Please answer the questions below. Submissions will be entered in 24-48 hours. You will receive an email with a short link for your event once it is entered.
Name of person entering the event. If the contact name for the event will be different, please list that here as well.
Email address of person entering the event. If the contact for the event has a different email address, please list that here as well.
Your department, organization, or Series as you want it to appear in the catalog. If this is a private link that will not appear in the catalog, please enter your Department or Organization and signify this should be private and not hosted in the catalog.
Title of event as you want it to appear in the catalog (or private link)
Event website (if applicable):
Description of your event:
Names of people who will be monitoring registrations. Please include email addresses. If someone needs security permissions to monitor events, please signify who will need access.
Event location:
Date of the event. If multiple dates, please list them here with dates, time and locations after each one. (If listing them all here you can skip the additional boxes)
Begin time of the event:
End time of event:
Maximum number of registrants:
Registration deadline (if applicable). If nothing is entered, we will default to the date of the event.
Additional information? (Please include items such as cost, food options, or anything that is not covered above)

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