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Social Artistry Study Group: Developing Your Capacity for Change

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Course Description

Explore and engage in developing your capacity to meet an increasingly complex world, spark creativity and ingenuity of oneself and others, and improve group dynamics through participation in OHRD's Social Artistry Study Group.

Social Artistry is an emerging discipline in leadership development. It taps inherent human capacities for greater imagination, compassion, and resolve. The discipline integrates science and intellectual development, using multiple styles of thinking, expanding skills for contemporary leadership challenges, and applying these skills to complex social issues and organizational development. 

"Social Artistry helped inform my approaches at work and in the community. I believe it is already made me more mindful and present in my interactions as well as my day to day life," Fall 2009 Social Artistry Study Group Participant.

The Social Artist is trained to be aware of four levels of understanding and consciousness, and to consider each of them when approaching any situation or condition. These levels include: the physical/sensory realm, the psychological/historic realm, the mythic/symbolic realm, and the integral/unitive realm. 

Participants will develop social leadership competencies support and training in the areas of: increased self awareness and management, deep listening, basics of storytelling and cultivating mythic imagination, transformational leadership and applications to project planning, organizational development, and collaborative evaluation techniques.

Social Artistry's accessibility with diverse populations combined with a broad palette of applications result in: enhanced project management and outreach techniques, communication, greater flexibility and understanding of different cultures and cultural context of project, ability to match skills/capacities with project needs and activities; and expanded creativity.

We look forward to journeying with you as we inspire, engage, reflect and manifest our ability to create change in ourselves and the communities we work in and with.

"We are living in a time of global system transition. We are in a condition of interactive change that affects every aspect of life. But many current leaders live out of a limited vision, using too little human resourcefulness. Leadership needs to be reinvigorated to meet the challenges we face."
Jean Houston, International Institute for Social Artistry

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Instructor Bios

Erin Schneider, M.ED stands for bringing abundance and balance to our Earth's systems - working to unleash the potential and wisdom of groups and aiding in the discoveries around what creates the conditions for communities to thrive. She balances her career as an organic farmer and co-owner of Hilltop Community Farm, LLC a small-scale diversified CSA farm and market garden, and as a Fellow and Facilitator with the UW Madison Office of Human Resource Development. Currently, she is engaged in helping develop and co-create curriculum and programming on Social Artistry for Sustainability Leadership as well as helping coordinate the efforts of UW MANIAC (Madison Area Network for Innovation and Collaboration) and the Wisconsin Local Food Network. Additionally Erin conducts her own collaborative agroforestry research on assessing the sustainability of growing uncommon yet marketable fruit in Wisconsin and developing a traveling co-designed exhibit on the places and faces of ecological agriculture: toward a perennial system of abundance.

 Marian Farrior, M.S. is the Earth Partnership Field Manager at University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Arboretum, where she teaches community members how to lead ecological restorations. Her passion is co-creating and apprenticing with nature, and helping people connect with their ecosystems. She is also a consultant for Jane Elder Strategies, environmental and sustainability organizations, and is on the leadership team for the Midwest Regional Collaborative for Sustainability Education. She attended the Social Artistry Leadership Institute in Ashland, OR in 2009, and is on the design team for UW MANIAC. She has a B.A. in Anthropology, a M.S. in Sustainable Systems, and extensive training in Permaculture. 

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