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Fully Prepared to Engage
Public Participation and Engagement Professional Development

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Program Overview

Fully Prepared to Engage (FP2E) is an innovative approach to professional development, intended to fully engage employees and others in the meaningful experiences of their work. By teaching skills and processes of collaborative engagement to those seeking to convene such opportunities, we seek to significantly increase the capacity of the University to bring people together around important issues and engage those participants' energies in a constructive, synergistic manner towards a cultural transformation in the ways we work at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Furthermore, we see FP2E as an important avenue for engaging all staff in their work, feeling a sense of purpose and effectiveness that helps them stay engaged as employees throughout their tenure. FP2E is vitally important within the professional development program as the University asks its staff to engage one another and customers to address emergent, increasingly complex work and policy issues.

Program Audience This program is intended to serve:

  • Staff and faculty, at all levels, with an emphasis on managers, project leaders, labor leaders, and others who convene collaborative problem-solving processes that engage broad cross-sections of constituents in conversations that result in improved, high quality outcomes for our customers.
  • Staff and faculty, at all levels, who seek ways to become fully engaged in innovative, meaningful approaches to work, so they can tap their own resources- and one anothers- as fully as possible in order to maximize results for our customers.
  • Community members, faculty, students, and others who seek to acquire skills and information, in partnership with UW staff, so all may benefit from sharing ideas, experiences, and relationships and further our common mission through the Wisconsin Idea.
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Focus of the Learning

  • Facilitation skills that may be applied to a wide range of meetings and deliberation processes in a variety of contexts, both at UW-Madison and beyond.
  • Tools for engaging people in collaborative, innovative approaches to problem-solving, including how to design and evaluate the impacts of such efforts (both smaller scale and large scale in scope and complexity).
  • New ways to reframe our work challenges, so we can tap one another's strengths, share assets across boundaries and traditional work units, and support one another's efforts to deal with complex issues with uncertain answers.
  • Conflict management and consensus-building strategies and techniques, essential for successful facilitation of participatory processes.
  • Mindfulness practice, stress management, explorations of work/life balance, strengths-based career development approaches, and similar learning opportunities, intended to help staff be engaged in their work, fully realize their resources, and best interact with co-workers and customers.

NEW Introductory Course - "The Fully Engaged Employee"
New Online Workshop! The "Fully Engaged Employee" is a FREE introduction to the 'Fully Prepared to Engage' (FP2E) course area. It shares the basic ideas and philosohpy behind FP2E and invites you to engage in some easy activities that help you clarify your learning objectives: Are you interested in learning how to engage your staff and colleagues in creative, collaborative thinking together? Take this brief introductory course to learn more about how FP2E can be a resource to you! All staff, faculty, and students interested in our courses are invited to take this online workshop. Just click here to begin - it's free!

Assessment and Evaluation in the Certificate Program
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Consultation Services for Engagement Processes

Consultation Services for Engagement Processes are offered as an important element of the Fully Prepared to Engage program. Harry Webne-Behrman, OHRD Training Officer, is available as a consulting and coaching resource to those planning engagement processes, including communities of practice, learning events, problem-solving/ project management processes, and other activities that directly apply the principles of engagement and collaborative deliberation to important issues facing the University of Wisconsin – Madison. In addition, Harry may partner with experienced members of the FP2E learning communities to respond to specific requests for assistance that enhance their learning in real-time, real-world contexts. For additional information, please contact Harry directly at 608-262-9934 or hwebnebehrman@ohr.wisc.edu .

Competencies Chart: How the Program is organized

  • Classes and workshops are offered at four skills levels.  Certificates are awarded after successful completion of each level.
  • Click Here to see a chart that lists the levels of competency and the courses/learning opportunities within those levels, the type, and the number of instructional hours designated for that course.

Level 1 Course: Facilitating Full Participation, Deliberation & Engagement (offered each semester) |​​The Journey of Facilitation and Collaboration (JOFC) | Developing Innovation through Collaboration, Creativity, & Communication Workshop

Learning Communities
CoP Network l Public Participation Learning Community | Community Partners and Outreach staff network | Madison Appreciative Inquiry Network | ​​Quilters Group | ​Integral Thinkers Learning Community | ​Leadership at Lunch | ​UW-MANIAC | ​Level 4 and Level 5 Leadership Communities | Servant Leadership Learning Community

Tools for Success | Readings | Other Resources | Public Participation Blog | Communities of Engagement Study Group Readings

Contact Information
Contact Harry Webne-Behrman, Training Officer, Learning and Talent Development, for questions or information related to Fully Prepared to Engage.  Harry’s phone number is (608) 262-9934.  Email is

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