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Conflict Style Tools
Mapping Cultures-Strategies For Effective Intercultural Negotiations : Few 'maps' exist to describe how different cultures resolve conflict. This often leads to misunderstanding and less than optimal agreements. Chris Moore and Peter Woodrow offer a framework for understanding cultural differences and negotiating accordingly... [from their abstract]
Myers-Briggs Personality Styles Inventory
The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Styles Instrument

Instructional Videos
Instructional Videos

Agree on Ground Rules
Campus Conflict Resolution Resources
Center for Nonviolent Communication
Employee Assistance Office: Stress : Some stress management techniques.
Intercultural Communication Institute
International Association of Facilitators - IAF
Master Facilitator Journal
Professional Development courses on Conflict Resolution & Mediation at University of Wisconsin-Madison

Tools and Processes
Conflict Management
Mind Map
Problem-solving Software from Inspiration

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8 Steps for Conflict Resolution
"Know Thyself" and Take Care of Self
Clarify Personal Needs Threatened by the Dispute
Ground rules
Identify a Safe Place for Negotiation

About Conflict
How we Respond to Conflict: Thoughts, Feelings, and Physical Responses
What is Conflict? Definitions and Assumptions About Conflict

Common Problems
How can I negotiate with my boss, or someone else who has significant power over me?
Sources of Power in Conflict ( video )

Situational Conflict Styles Assessment Exercise : A simulation for learning to recognize different conflict styles.

Instructional Videos
Confronting Conflicts ( video )
Ground Rules in Conflict ( video )
Learning How to Deal with Conflict ( video )
Learning to Listen in Conflict ( video )
Sources of Power in Conflict ( video )

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